Dunk Tank
Have fun throwing a ball at the target to knock your favorite person into the water! 



One to four stations for all types of parties and events.
Giant Trike Race

Do you miss the good old days of your childhood, riding around on a tricycle? Well now you can relive those times with our adult sized tricycles! With our set of 3, you can race two friends around the loops and see who can win the bragging rights of the tricycle championship. Great for all ages, various surfaces, indoor or outdoor.

Interactive Play System

Using the latest in amusement technology we have the IPS system - a wireless network of sensors used as targets that communicate with the scoreboard. A variety of inflatables, cones and even vests can have the sensors to create many types of games. Nerf guns, safe archery, mini basketballs and even your hands are among some of the items used in play to tag the sensors. Check out the variety available!

Stage of Dreams

This unique inflatable is a bounce house, a stage, and a movie screen all-in-one!!! Perfect for karaoke, movie parties and plain bouncing fun for the kids.

Cannonball Air Blaster
Up to 4 people can battle it out inside the arena. Players use air cannons to shoot foam balls into the opposing team's nets. 

Rock Climbing Wall
Climbing Entertainment will definitely make your next event a memorable one. From corporate events, to private birthday parties, our mobile rock walls and extreme adventures are always a hit! 

Gladiators Joust Arena
Inside the inflatable arena is a raised pedestal for the two competing jousters! This pedestal offers just enough play and movement to provide a challenge to the player to balance themselves atop while jousting and sparring to overcome their worthy opponent and claim the pedestal for themselves! 

Bungee Run
The horizontal equivalent of bungee jumping - fun for all. Strap on your elasticized harness and see how far you can run. Mark your distance before the rope twangs you back.. 

Trackless Train
All aboard! Lots of fun for adults and kids as they ride around on this trackless train. Three cars total can carry 12 people at a time.